Thursday, November 1, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Wood-Tex

Welcome to Wood-Tex! My names is Katelyn and I work in Marketing. Why don't you join me for a little tour of our place?

We'll start at the office. This is where you would come to talk to one of our sales reps to find out more about our products or to purchase your structure.

Kaylie is the first person you'll meet when you walk in the door. She'll greet you with a cheerful smile and offer you one of her delicious, freshly baked cookies or cupcakes and coffee while you wait to talk to a sales person.

Yummy! They'll keep you coming back for more. You can find out what she's been baking recently by visiting her at

If you're looking into buying a cabin, Mahlon would be the man to talk to.

Or if you're interested in one of our other products you might talk to Chris or one of the other friendly people on our Sales Team. (You can meet everybody here.)

Busy working...and drinking coffee.

We LOVE our new sales office!

Next let's take a walk around our lot and look at the large selection of in-stock items, anything from chicken coops to cabins.

You can take a tour of our fully furnished cabins.

And then watch as they construct an on-site garage.

Next we'll go to the shops.

This is where all the sheds are built.

Everyone is hard at work.

Here are sheds in various stages of construction.

And finally it's delivery day.

This could be YOUR dream building ready for delivery!

I hope you enjoyed your visit and that you'll come back soon!
This is your tour guide, Katelyn, signing off.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Own A Garage You Can Be Proud Of!

2 Story Doublewide Garage, Wood-Tex Products

When you visit Wood-Tex Products at their home location of Himrod, NY on beautiful Seneca Lake you will see their newest model construction project underway; a  24'x36' Two StoryDoublewide Garage that will feature a completely finished apartment on the second story. Finished living space is not limited to the second story as portions of the first floor can be finished as well giving extra storage space a plethora of new possibilities. From a home office, guest house, or extra living space to a possible rental unit, summer kitchen or vacation cottage this is one way to maximize your investment in a new structure.

For each use of your finished living space there are many returns on your investment. Perhaps most easily measured is the possibility of a financial return through use as a rental property but equally as significant are the options of having private living quarters for guests or family nearby.

Garage apartments are a particularly efficient and affordable way to provide for both vehicles and living space. When asked about the benefits of the new line of garages regional sales manager Matt Lapp advised, “Finishing the upstairs of a garage is less expensive than buying two separate structures, like a cabin and garage, with the same sized footprint.” It’s a good point to consider, why not make your dollars stretch further and get everything you need and want from one structure?

Like all the structures built at Wood-Tex Products these garage apartments are highly customizable allowing for optimum flexibility and satisfaction. The floor plan, roof style, pitch, and accents can all be changed to allowing it to reflect your own personal style and tastes. Offering bothA-Frame or Gambrel roof styles with flat and A-Frame dormers the stylistic possibilities are many.

On the practical side of things the apartment is completely sealed off from the garage so smells, sounds, and even dust from the garage will not transfer up to the clean living area.

“There is much more demand for small efficient homes like this now than there’s ever been” remarked Ben Lapp, Branch Manager of the facilities in Himrod “I definitely see this as a growing market, especially in the Finger Lakes Area.” Having a cottage along one of the lakes can be a challenge because of the high price of land so the affordability of these new homes is very appealing.

The people at Wood-Tex Products focus on bringing about the realization of their customers’ dreams through experiences and structures that will last a lifetime. To them, offering these functional apartments is another way of making dreams a reality, and that is very exciting!  

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Friday, August 31, 2012


Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of NY as well as the Foothills region of SC Wood-Tex Products is more than a reliable provider of quality storage sheds, chicken coops, horse barns, garages, and log cabins but is also an active participant with their community. Nationwide awareness is growing of the important role that a diet of natural, organic foods plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Individuals and communities everywhere are looking for ways to integrate organic gardening and healthy eating into their lives. In response to this growing movement Wood-Tex Products began developing a structure that would make it easier for folks to grow organic food at home.

After many hours of investigation into types of material and refining design factors Wood-Tex has released their newest line of structures: Greenhouses!  “We talked to many greenhouse experts and benefited from some of their ideas and recommendations.  A lot of research and development has gone into making this the best portable greenhouse on the market.” remarked Matt Lapp, the Regional Sales Manager for their offices in Himrod, NY.

A unique feature of this line is the option to build them with or without a floor. So whether you are looking for a hot house for your plant and flower starters or a greenhouse where your vegetables will flourish these structures are designed to meet your needs.

The simple design of these buildings lend themselves to any setting be it a large backyard, farm, or small in-town lot. Standard features include a painted duratemp kneewall, glassboard kneewall inside, 16” shutter vent, wire mesh shelves, poly carbonate panels on sides and roof, and hanging basket rails. An especially convenient feature are the double Dutch doors which allow refreshing breezes to enter the greenhouse while keeping out pesky creatures like rabbits.  Wesley Youngman who headed up the greenhouse project noted about these many features “the greenhouse was designed after many hours of researching everything from the structural integrity to the glazing option to provide our customers with an economical, user friendly building, for the ultimate gardeners’ greenhouse.”

In order to increase the versatility of their Greenhouses and extend the growing season Wood-Tex offers several unique options. Shade cloth provides protection from the intense heat of mid-summer while an electrical package, electric heater, exhaust fan, and thermostat help regulate temperature all year round.  Set the thermostat to your preferred temperature and the exhaust fan will push out the hot air as the temperature rises or the heater will kick on as the temperature falls.

This line of Greenhouses is a great addition to the other functional and quality structures provided by Wood-Tex Products.  “Wood-Tex is committed to the continued improvement of this product line through a trial product testing period and valued feedback from customers” said Youngman. So for those dreaming of enhancing their lives through organic gardening or growing beautiful flowers this line of Greenhouses may be your solution!  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Open House Memories

 A couple of weeks ago on June 2nd we had our big annual Open House here at Wood-Tex Products. It was a grand event with plenty to do for everyone! Customers enjoyed browsing the large selection of in-stock structures, from gazebos to fully furnished modular log homes. Even the children had fun running in and out of sheds and playing in the miniature horsebarn.

There was a lot more happening outdoors too with barrel rides and candy drops for the kids and delicious food for everyone. Many folks enjoyed the helicopter rides too! I was pretty excited about the opportunity for a helicopter ride myself but from eight o’ clock when the doors opened until 5:30 when the last happy customer departed there was hardly a moment to look up at the hubbub outside because of all the activity indoors!  

During one particularly long sale the children of the family were kept encouraged by thoughts of fun in the bouncy house when their parents where through.

There was lots of excitement in the air and all together it was a great day. The best thing though was not the activities, food, or music but the satisfaction of assisting so many people in seeing their needs met and visions realized. Whether it was reclaiming a garage by clearing out storage items, or designing a custom pool house or studio workshop people were excited to be adding order to their lives and meeting their goals. And that’s what it’s all about! 

Aerial view of Wood-Tex
Designing a dream
There was barrel rides for the kids (but the adults had a lot of  fun on this too!)
100% of the proceeds from food was donated to Fair Play Boys Camp.  A total of $2,737.05 was raised!
The helicopter rides were a big hit
And the homemade ice cream was too good to let even the smallest amount go to waste =]
There was live music...
fresh, warm donuts that just melted in your mouth...

And chainsaw carvings (with a chance to win the finished product!)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Open House 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

  Summer is right around the corner. And if your summer is shaping up to be anything like ours, it's going to be a full one! Do you have a minute? We want to fill you in on what is happening here at Wood-Tex Products. So grab your calendar and start marking in those too-important-to-miss dates, because they are going to be here before you know it! 


  On Saturday, June 2nd, we will be holding our 29th annual Open House. It wouldn't be a lie to say that here at Wood-Tex, our annual Open House is a highlight of the year. Join in the fun with live music, archery competitions, chicken BBQ, homemade ice cream, free coffee and donuts, and activities for the kids like 4-wheeler barrel rides, a bouncy house, and an airplane candy drop! This year we are going all out -- including a FREE helicopter ride* with the purchase of $1900 or more! 

  But not only that, with the deals that we are offering, it is the perfect time to purchase that Shed, Garage, or Cabin you've been dreaming about for the past 14 months!
*Helicopter rides are weather permitting. Available from New York location only

Specials Include:
- 5% off the base price of any order!
- FREE options bundle on any shed or garage!
                       (diamond plate threshold, ramp, and 2 gable vents) 
- 20% off all poly furniture!

                                                     *Discount applies to new orders or stock orders
                                                     *Discount allowed only up to $400 per structure 

 And if you are interested in saving even more, check out our
BLOWOUT SALE ... Rock Bottom Prices, One Day Only!

- 6' x 8' Duratemp Sided Chicken Coop        $1,290.00  20% Discount!
- 10' x 14' Run-In Shed                                       $1,949.00  15% Discount!
- 8' x 12' Smart Panel Sided Workshop        $1,350.00  15% Discount!

It's all happening on June 2nd , 2012 from 8:00 - 4:00, but don't take our word for it; stop by and see for yourself! You will be glad that you did!         

To visit our New York Open House:   
3700 Route 14
Himrod, NY  14842

To visit our South Carolina Open House:
15406 South Highway 11
Fair Play, SC  29643
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Wood-Tex, Going Solar?

Currently the sun is shining, the air is crisp, the nail guns are humming along and the Wood-Tex delivery trucks are heading down the road, delivering happiness to more people again just before the weekend.

Sound like a great day to be building sheds? It is!

It’s also a wonderful day to be producing our own electricity! That’s right, our saws, air compressors and computers are currently extracting their much needed AC current directly from our roof! Thankfully when they mail the electric bill and it’s only a fraction of what it used to be that’s only a figure of speech, they actually still use the same size paper, it’s just the numbers are much smaller. It would be difficult to keep track of receipts if they were that little! :)

In all seriousness why would we invest in a system that catches the sun’s rays and feeds us electric?

There’s power in numbers. From what I understand each state has differing incentives to install Solar systems, New York happens to be coming out with excellent incentives and benefits for doing so now. Tax codes, grants, incentives etc are the govt’s way of making it very easy and rewarding for you to make certain investments. Solar seems to be one such example right now.

It’s all about you. During our research stage one question kept coming to the forefront: ‘How will this affect our customers now and in years to come?’ We decided it affects you greatly but only in a very positive way. Follow me here, we no longer pay much or anything for electric. For an operation like ours this can be a substantial monthly savings! When the power companies rates go up again next year guess who’s prices do not need to follow?

Walking the Talk. We’re always looking for ways to improve efficiency, productivity and quality while minimizing our waste and environmental impact. We’re proud of the fact that our Sheds, Garages, Horse Barns, Cabins and Gazebos are built here in America and we want to do everything we can to preserve this beautiful land we’re blessed to enjoy.

We’ve all been paying for it. I guess there’s been a surcharge on my electric bill for years that I’ve never noticed. Turns out it’s to fund energy savings programs such as solar.

Bottom line is this is another way we feel we can offer you more value, savings and stability.

But enough about solar, we’ve got dreams to build!

Question: What are some ideas you have about reducing energy costs and improving savings and efficiency in your home?
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